Where in the world will I be?

I’ve been gearing up for all the fall festivals and holiday craft shows for the end of the year and wanted to give you all a heads up to my upcoming shows! See the list below:

September 15 | Colchester Farmer’s Market - Artisan Day, Colchester, CT

October 5-6 | Jonathan’s Edwards Winery Harvest Festival, Stonington, CT

November 2 | Cognichaug H.S. Holiday Craft & Artisan Fair, Durham, CT

November 16 | Bozrah Farmer’s Holiday Market, Bozrah, CT

December 14 | Hebron Holiday Fair, Hebron, CT


I’m a huge fan of shopping local for everything I can, especially Christmas gifts. I encourage you to shop local and support small businesses like me this year! Your purchases help support my little family, and don’t pay for the 3rd vacation home of some corporate CEO.

If you have any questions on the details of the above shows I would love to answer them! 




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