• No. 51

    Meet Hansel. the significance of number 51, and my next project!
  • Where in the world will I be?

    I’ve been gearing up for all the fall festivals and holiday craft shows for the end of the year and wanted to give you all a heads up to my upcomin...
  • The Process | A card's journey from idea to finished product

    A look into my process, tools used, and idea organization when creating greeting cards that say thanks!



  • Why the kite?

    If you read my previous blog post, you'll see how Grateful Paperie became the company it is. What was not explained was where the kite came from. T...
  • The Beginning

    I graduated college in May of 2014. In my last year, I took an illustration class with a delightful old Polish man name Nikolas. One day, I was wal...